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Welcome to Rocky Top
The Preacher’s Wife on 50 Shades…

Welcome to Rocky Top

Welcome to Rocky Top….yes, I live on a street named Rocky Top in a house on the side of a rocky mountain in the state of Tennessee but Rocky Top for me is more a state of mind that I find myself in often.

I imagine you may also live there sometimes… you know… close to the edge… either you are close to the edge of losing it with your kids, your husband, or boss or even a friend that is driving you insane. You may even have fallen off and are trying to climb your way back up what seems to be a slippery slope.

The steep cliff I see off my back porch is God’s way of reminding me He is there for me. Trees, wildflowers, and beautiful wild animals live on this Rocky Top with me… along with a husband that I truly love but often pushes me to the edge with his adventures, and six grown adult children who come to visit often… isn’t that kind of weird… adult children. I’m not sure how I am still sane and they are also… but their children… my grands… William, Addy, Aubrey, Isaac, Judah, and Isabella… well I have to admit I adore and would do almost anything for.

So I welcome you to Rocky Top… come sit in one of my brown rocking chairs on the back porch. We will experience Real Life together as we remember Who He is and What He is Able to do when you live close to the edge and are afraid you might just fall off the steep cliff.

The Preacher’s Wife on 50 Shades…

Ok, okay… you think you know what I am going to say! So, I almost didn’t say “it”!

Funny thing is, no one has really asked me “my opinion” of Shades of Gray or Magic Mike, because they assume what I will say.

Is that a good thing?

Well, it is not if you think because I am the preacher’s wife and you see me as a rule keeper… that I just make these decisions as “no brainers” and also if you don’t realize that I am a very real person…a woman who has to make choices just like you!

Bottom line is, most of you have already gone to see “Magic Mike” if you were going to see it at the movie theatre. BUT really many of us will not go to the movie theatre. We will wait for it to come out on video, because we really don’t want anyone seeing us march in to the movie theatre with a bunch of our friends to see Magic Mike. Wait, is that cowardly to do that?

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