The Sixth Day of Christmas

The Gift of Giving

Wrapping gifts during the Christmas season has always been a fun tradition for me.  I usually wait until just a few days before Christmas, crank up my Christmas music, make myself hot chocolate, put on my favorite Christmas pajamas and stay up late until the task is accomplished.   Even though we limit gift giving to usually three or four gifts per person, last year I counted that I wrapped over fifty gifts in one night.

Not this year.  Still recovering from surgery, I just knew I couldn’t do a marathon gift wrapping session.  So I made the decision to just wrap a few every day.  I still cranked up the Christmas music and out of necessity am still wearing lots of comfy clothes.

As I slowly wrapped each grandchild’s gift, I thought of the joy I would see on their faces as they would rip through the wrapping paper and discover the treasure Nonna and Papa had picked out just for them. 

God whispered into my ear during one of the gift wrapping sessions, “Donna, this is how I feel as you discover more about the greatest gift I have ever given to you, my son, Jesus.”

It was a humbling, awe-filled moment as I realized I have the choice to open gifts from God every day.

After each one of these gift wrapping sessions, Preacher carries all the presents upstairs to put under our Christmas tree.  Another normal task that I am just not up to yet.  As the tree has begun to be surrounded by all the various gifts, my heart has grown full with the ability to be able to give.   God has placed into each of His followers the desire and the ability to give to others.  When we are giving we are like the Father.

“For God so loved the world that He gave….”  John 3:16

Some gifts may be tangible.  Some may be small and some may be large.   Other gifts may be an act of service or kindness. 

Whatever the size or the type of gift, there is one commonality.

A gift is not a gift unless it costs something.  It may be a financial cost or it could be the cost of time.  

Gifts that have meant the most to me over the years are gifts that I know were a true sacrifice on the part of the giver.     A few months ago, one of our Life Action missionaries gifted Preacher and I with a gift card for a date at a restaurant.  I cried.  This couple had no business giving us this.  In my mind, they could not afford to give this gift.  Yet, I received it with gratitude, knowing their love for us.  Sacrificial gifts speak of Christ’s love. 

As we draw closer to Christmas day, may we all ask the Lord to reveal to our hearts how we may give meaningful gifts to one another, not just trinkets and toys that will fade with time.  Gifts that will meet needs and change generations.   

What need is God calling you to meet this Christmas?  

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